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Spanking on a SPACESHIP.


Alright. Hands up. Who went all funny when that Big Game Hunter told Queen Nefertiti that he should "take her over his knee and give her a good spanking!" in last night's episode of Doctor Who - "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship." Come on. Admit it. I confess to turning slightly pink in front of the family when I heard that and had to swallow hard - twice - and undo the top button of my shirt.
Even at 50 I still get the collywobbles whenever I hear that "word" spoken out loud in public. Sheesh. And, yes, she really did deserve a spanking. In fact, I think he should have spanked her AND Amy Pond. And made them wear sexy lingerie. Or maybe, spank them in the nude....or something. Then they would all have a disgusting orgy in a big bowl of custard and have to eat fish fingers....and stuff.

Spanking Into 2013

 He wants sex. She wants a spanking

Never let your be all and end all get in the way of a determined spouse who has a thing about getting her bottom spanked whenever the mood takes her. Even if you're sat standing to attention with your pants around your ankles and your blood high and the juice churning inside. She wants a spanking first before she let's you have your wicked way. She doesn't give two hoots that you're about to pop - she wants her bottom spanked or there'll be no hanky panky at all. So over she goes in a hurry for her spanking and promptly bends your rampant flagpole into an unnatural shape. "YEOWCH!" you yell. Yeah. "YEOWCH!" she squeals as you slap her ass. Number one rule - keep the little woman and her bum happy in 2013.
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